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Tiffany Jeffers

my smile shows my disappointment

This was me


At my highest weight of nearly 300 pounds. At this time, I was at the top of my career. I owned a professional cosmetic store featuring my own brand, I lead a team of over 50 makeup artists and hair stylists, I was booked for New York Fashion Week, worked with dozens of celebrities...I had it all...

BUT, I was completely falling apart. My marriage was in shambles, I had 3 beautiful girls but couldn't get pregnant again. I was showing up on social media like my life was all together, but only my husband knew that I was suicidal.

It's really fitting that I had my own cosmetic brand because I had become a master of covering up what I was really going through. Every day, I would look in the mirror and despise the reflection as I covered my face in makeup. I took pictures from the neck up so that no one would notice my rapid weight gain. I hated every moment of my life. 

Tiffany Jeffers

me and my beautiful Gramma Hart

But one day


I had a talk with my Gramma, who was then transitioning from cancer about how I was feeling. And do you know what she told me? Get it TOGETHER! You have ONE life...that's it. You are where you are now because that's the place you chose. You have the power to agree with the place that God has for you and LIVE there! 

That totally changed my entire life!


it all started with believing that I deserved more

This is me now


Over 100 pounds gone forever! I decided that I would live the abundant life that God has called me to. Not only have I lost physical weight, but I also lost emotional and mental weight. I am free to love myself...accept myself...challenge myself more than I ever have. 

And it's YOUR TURN NOW!!!

It's time for you to say enough is enough with living beneath God's gift for you! It's time for you to know Who you belong to and what He purposed for you to be in the earth. 

God wants you to live an abundant life!

John 10:10


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