Keep Marching

Happy Palm Sunday! Something that sticks out to me about this day is how the same folks who were celebrating the coming of Christ, turned on Him when they realized He didn’t come for the purpose they thought He should have.

You may have experienced this in your life. I know I have with friends and family who would be so cool with me as long as I went along with their plans. But, the moment I decided to walk in my purpose, they switched up on me. It broke me, until I realized that Jesus kept on marching toward His purpose in spite of what everyone else thought about Him. He knew that what He had to do was too important to stop. That had to take an incredible amount of strength and courage!

I challenge you today to take on the strength of Jesus and keep marching forward! Whether you have the celebration of others or not, keep walking toward your purpose. People may not understand, or like or have great things to say about what you are doing. But, keep going! You’re almost there!

I’m so thankful that Jesus keep on going for me! So, I intend to do the same in this life! Will you?

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