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Tiffany Jeffers

me choosing to live and win every day

You are not alone this time



If you are ready to truly live and see change in your life, walk with me through a 30 day journey I call WIN OVER WEIGHT. Together we will:

Discover limiting beliefs that keep us from winning on a daily basis

Agree with the purpose and plan that God has set for our lives

Become free from the bondage of poor habits that cause us to gain weight

Connect with other women who will hold us accountable and encourage us

Truly begin to live, grow and see change in our lives like never before

This is Your time Now




This group has been amazing! It was such a great blessing to have the weekly motivation along with accountability partners. I would highly recommend this group. I learned so much along the way and feel like I now have the tools and prayer to keep me on track with my goals.



Just wanted to thank you all for the inspiration and encouragement received when I so heeded it. It's been hard, fell a few times but I'm determined to keep pushing. Love you Tiffany and my WOW family!



This groups has been so amazing, I have learned a lot of things about myself that I never dealt with. I was able to go to the root of a lot of things in my life from being in this group. I learned the importance of mental health, self love and care, I learned how to hold myself accountable, and commit to the process.

What the Winners Say

Tiffany Jeffers

I will never go back to the way I was

Your turn is right now


No more excuses, no more waiting. It's time for you to experience the abundant life that God has prepared for you to live. 

You don't have another day promised to you. Take the opportunity now to walk in your purpose and calling. You wont ever regret it! 

This is YOUR moment!

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